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Gary Gantz founded TOPS Gymnastics in January 1982. TOPS started in a 9,000 sq. ft. facility located in Centerville, Ohio. The total enrollment of TOPS at that time was 123 children.

In September 1996, TOPS Gymnastics moved to a second location in Centerville, consisting of 15,000 sq. ft. We added to our program offerings in that facility by offering All-Star Cheerleading and Dance.

In 2006, Mr. Gantz custom designed and began the construction of our current location. In January 2007, TOPS Gymnastics, dba, KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center opened. We now operate all of our programs in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility located in Centerville, Ohio. We serve thousands of students each week in gymnastics, cheerleading, All-Star Cheerleading, swimming, dance, tumbling, karate, birthday parties, competitive gymnastics teams (both girls and boys) and summer camps.

Most of our students are not involved in competitive gymnastics. The students who have chosen the path of competitive gymnastics have achieved big goals. Our gymnasts have competed all over the USA. We have sent many of our gymnasts off to TOP colleges with full scholarships. We have enjoyed watching these fine athletes become parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, gym owners and everything else that allows these talented and determined individuals to use the tools and talents they acquired at TOPS.

We have had many National competitors and numerous State and Regional Champions. Most of all, we have had the children who walk through our doors go on to become exceptional adults in different vocations and in their daily lives.

Our staff is trained on proper technique, drills and progressions. This means our students, each and every one, receive outstanding instruction from teachers who are experienced, trained, background checked and child-centered. Our programs combine excellent staff and a teaching approach that emphasizes fun and positive experiences, along with active classes and continual movement. This has allowed our business to grow from a very small beginning to one of the TOP gyms in the USA.

I, Gary Gantz, am still the owner of TOPS Gymnastics, dba, KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center and I still direct and run this sports center on a daily basis. I make sure the principles this business was founded on, continue: teaching children in a positive and safe manner and allowing each child to reach his or her full potential and have fun doing it!

My greatest reward is seeing parents come in who are former students of TOPS. They had such a positive and rewarding experience at TOPS that they now want to share that with their children. I hate to admit it, but we actually had a young girl on our competitive team whose grandma I had coached in the mid-70s. Yes, we have been doing this for a long time and still love it each and every day! We have had others try to imitate TOPS, but we have never been equalled. Our love of teaching children, providing unparalleled staff, building the best facility in the area, equipping each venue with the best equipment and safety features make KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center surpass the dreams I had for my business when I started it 30 years ago.

Gary Gantz, President

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We take great pride in our history and the number of gymnasts who have continued with gymnastics in college. Flags of the schools that our former athletes have represented are proudly displayed in our main lobby, above the windows of the main gym, on the side wall and down the hallway. Check out the complete photo gallery of flags here!
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