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  KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials
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Our daughter Rose took both swimming and gymnastics classes at KIDS Are TOPS for 10 months until a military transfer required that we move to San Diego. She started, at nearly 5 years old, in a beginning swim class, learning to put her face under water, etc. By the time we left, she was doing rotary breathing, backstroke, jumping in from the side, floating on her back and beginning to tread water. We enrolled her in a Red Cross swim program in San Diego, where the teachers were thrilled with the strong swim skills she came in with. They accelerated her program and by the end of the summer, she was swimming 3 laps of freestyle and backstroke across a big pool, learning butterfly and breaststroke, treading water for 90 seconds and starting to dive!!!

Rose started in Kinderbunnies at KIDS Are TOPS and with the coaches well thought out guidance, moved to Level 1 and then up to Level 3 Team. She LOVES Level 3 and was very sad to leave her team and coaches. When we moved to San Diego, we had a surprisingly hard time finding a gym with the same ability to combine excellent teaching with fun. We tried three gyms before we found one, and once there, they placed Rose right into their “Fast Track” program, which, although they do not have a Level 3 Team, is preparing her for Level 4.

We love KIDS Are TOPS! Rose talks about it often and says that it will always be her favorite place. We thank you for giving her such a good start.

-Elizabeth and Dean Wagner

KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials

Gary and Debbie,

You have, for many years, been important and influential role models in Jenny's life. She will be moving to Indianapolis, where she will begin graduate school in Physical Therapy. Gary, did you know you helped her decide on Physical Therapy, as Jenny quotes you: "Go for the highest and the best." We so appreciate and are thankful for your kindness, support and encouragement of Jenny for many years. It has meant more to us than words can express!

Sincerely, Kathy, Jenny and Harlan

KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials

Mr. Gantz,

All that you did for me in the sport of gymnastics reaches far beyond the walls of the gym. Through gymnastics, you have taught me many valuable lessons about life that I will always remember. First, you taught us to be dedicated and determined. No matter what obstacles I may have encountered, perseverance is the key. In this dedication, you taught me to work hard – to stop at nothing in order to achieve my goals, goals which you said must be set and stuck to. Going to Nationals is an event I will never forget, but what I believe is more important is the process we went about to achieve it. I’ll never forget the diligence with which we stuck to that goal – even doing our conditioning as soon as we finished a meet in order to get that “edge.” You taught me to face and overcome my fears. I remember you saying after we’d say we were scared: “That’s ok, you can be afraid,” but then always pushing us to be strong and courageous and face those fears. For me, you taught me the importance of staying in control and keeping my focus.

You have shown me that you are more than just a “coach” who taught me gymnastics. It was so good to be back where I’ve “grown up,” and most importantly, all that I’ve already said still applies, I know that I can still come to you for efficient coaching expertise, patience, encouragement, support, humor, help, and guidance. I’ll never forget all that you’ve done for me, Mr. Gantz, and once again, thank you…for everything.

Jenny Miller

KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials

Dear Mr. Gantz,

I remember being scared of your team girls, but after working with you for a week, your group became my second family. No matter what, you always had a team that was there for one another (it's a gift not many gymnasts receive). I love all the memories I have from TOPS. They are memories and friendships I will never forget. I want to especially thank you for taking us to Junior Olympics! It is one of the best memories of my life. I am comforted knowing I can come back and visit such a wonderful place. Thank you for always being there for me (good times and bad).

Lisa Wright

KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials

Gary, I’d like to thank you for all the positive influence you’ve instilled in Erin. She carries herself well and has a self-confidence that I don’t know if she would have developed without gymnastics. As you told us in the parent meeting for new team members, her time management is excellent, and she has been a straight A student since the 5th grade. Much of who she is today is because of the influence of TOPS and the staff there.

Jill Bamberger

KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center: Testimonials

As a new comer to the TOPS family, I can't express my sincere gratitude for all that is done for our girls. As some of you know, I come from a long background in the cheerleading industry. As a former coach, I was desperate to find a cheer gym for my daughter that would teach her the sport of cheerleading "the right way!" Little did I know when we came to Tops, that we would find more than that! We have found amazing coaches that not only teach her to be a good athlete, but strive to encourage my daughter to be a good sportsman, a good teammate, a good citizen and a good person. We have also found an organization of parents that truly care about our kids and who are making this as fun as it can possibly be! I think it is important to tell the world about Tops and what this organization can be for kids! I can't say Thank You enough for allowing my family to be a part of all of the great things already and the great things yet to come!

Greatness comes from the Top! Thank you Miss Dawn and to your family for such a wonderful place for kids! We have found our cheer home!

Katrina Howe Longshore

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